SAUL with The Many Colored Death, Boddah, and Take the Day

SAUL with The Many Colored Death, Boddah, and Take the Day

The Many Colored Death, Boddah, Take the Day

Friday, March 29, 2019

9:00 pm

Front of House Lounge

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

"What is heard has to be pondered over. What is pondered over has to be put into practice. It is only when all 3 are accomplished that the realization of success can be attained." The band SAUL consists of 3 members, bassist and lead vocalist Blake Bedsaul, guitarist and back-up vocalist Zach Bedsaul, and drummer Adam Chilton. The 3 came together in February 2009 in Sioux City, IA and began creating an original sound that has distinctively become their own. SAUL's music appeals to fans of many music genres, making it impossible to categorize their music as anything specific. In October of 2010, SAUL released their first EP, "Embrace the Rain" with great success. They have been hitting the road playing shows all throughout the country and being played on over 90 U.S radio stations along with many European stations, and even Pandora Radio. The 3 are leaving Iowa in January and heading to Seattle, WA to work with producer Dave Hillis, to record their brand new album titled, "3". Along with the new album, SAUL will be shooting a music video following the release. SAUL has also been featured in several magazines including MUEN, Black Velvet UK (Issue 68), Powerplay UK (Issue 129), Rock Thiz Mag, and In the Now magazine. The 3 are currently working alongside several agents to bring their fans a national tour for their album release in early 2012. The 3 hope you will look for the reviews of the new album that are scheduled to release in February 2012 in MUEN Magazine, In the Now Magazine, and Band of the Month Club just to name a few. With tour dates being scheduled SAUL hopes to meet you personally at a future show in your area.

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The Many Colored Death
The Many Colored Death
The Many Colored Death is a hard rock trio based out of Columbia, Missouri. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath and King's X to Muse and RATM, they've forged a sound uniquely theirs, while not wholly unfamiliar. Described by one fan as "a silky mixture of 70's rock and early 90's grunge", The MCD are driven by a desire to make real, honest rock music for real rock music fans. Featuring a thundering rhythm section that would make Bonham and John Paul Jones proud, and a guitarist/vocalist who is equal parts Robin Trower, King Buzzo, and David Gilmour, their brand of rock is both quiet and loud, dark and light. A veritable yin yang of sound and emotion. Soulful lyrics and melodies float effortlessly over the pounding surf of complex polyrhythms and groove laden riffs. This band doesn't play loud so you can hear the music.

They play loud so you can feel it
With a Contemporary feel the Grunge Glam effect is in Full swing with this group. Its like Kurt Cobain and Guns N Roses had a love child and Sid and Nancy were the godparents! There lies the torment within!!!This is stuff you have been missing to round out
Venue Information:
Front of House Lounge
322 South Ave
Springfield, MO, 65806