Push & Pull Fest 6

Push & Pull Fest 6

Saturday, March 24, 2018

8:00 pm

Front of House Lounge


This event is all ages

$2 minor charge at door

Push & Pull Fest 6
Push & Pull Fest 6
Ohhhh damn, its back. Push & Pull Fest 6 is happening Saturday, March 24th at 8 pm at The Outland & FOH. As always, the proceeds will be going towards putting out more solid local and regional albums at a low price. Specifically, this will help put out the new Crumbs album and the new Butterfaces album. $5 for 10 bands. All Ages 2 Stages. 326 South Ave.
We will be releasing 2 hottttt new albums that night:
PPR-28- Joe Gross - Wappapello
(slick ass guitar player from the reacharounds ^)
PPR-27- Casual Cal - They Call Me Cal
I've heard 'em both and they are stellar.

Casual Cal
Suzi Trash
The Phlegms (Fayetteville, Ar)
Animal and the Prey
Primitive Rage
Venue Information:
Front of House Lounge
322 South Ave
Springfield, MO, 65806